Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Angel Island

For about the past month or so, Gary and I had designated last weekend to be our 'official backpacker's initiation camping trip weekend'. You see, we love hiking, and we love camping, but we'd not yet combined the two. And, since we have most of the gear necessary to make such a trip feasible, thought it to be something we should try.

Well, the short version of the story is that last weekend we had to be flexible and change our plans, and save the overnighter for another day. To be more honest, we had to change plans a few, ok, many many times. By the time we landed on "Plan W", or whatever it was, we found ourselves headed to the BART station to take the train to San Francisco, to take the ferry to Angel Island, to hike a trail with numerous expansive views of the bay. Trust me, I have no complaints, because we had a truly wonderful day in a gorgeous location. Which of course, merits one of my famous photo-blogs, so you can enjoy it with me. =)

Before we even got to the location, I had to snap this pic: I love the lines of the track, and the roof, and the sun, and shadows...

Once we arrived in San Francisco, we headed to Pier 41 and climbed on the Blue & Gold ferry. This is the view of the city as we pulled away:

We zipped right past Alcatraz. It seemed so close to the mainland!

Once we landed at Angel Island, we found the trail that would take us to the summit:

After hiking just a few minutes, you get a nice view of the harbor and the dock:

A few more minutes, and the view widens:

I would have walked right past this unique flower, if Gary hadn't stopped me:

After two hours of climbing, we were rewarded with a 360 degree view of the bay, the city of San Francisco, and numerous bridges.

The sun shone on our faces, and a gentle breeze kept us cool.

It's the little things, though, that take my breath away:

On this hike, Gary spotted all the cool stuff, including a pair of vultures, perched just 15 feet below our trail. Here's one of them, checking ME out:

Yep, I'm such a poser. Posing with the posies.

Humans weren't the only ones enjoying the fine afternoon. How cute is this family?

On the ferry ride home, we enjoyed watching the boaters sail by the Golden Gate Bridge.

There you have it... the Westons explore Angel Island!

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