Sunday, July 8, 2007

Reflections on Bachelor Living

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Do not adjust your computer monitors. You are actually seeing a brand new post written by Gary. I know, you heard that Gary once posted on this blog, but you thought it was just a rumor, a thing of the past, or a figment of your imagination. But alas, I have emerged from the shadows to post once more.

Long story short, I’m back.

So as you can tell from the lack of posting here on Feed My Sheep (and from the post seen three below this one), my Ever-Lovin’ Wife has flown the coop. She’s been down in Southern California for five days now, and she’s not scheduled to return for two more. And while I’m happy beyond happiness for Katherine because she gets to spend some time with family and friends, I’m missing her something fierce.

I’ve known for a long time that I’m not cut out for bachelor living. My idea of cooking involves peeling back the plastic film and stirring the mashed potatoes, followed by another minute and a half on HIGH. And while I could tell many cringe-worthy stories about my lifestyle in college, I’ll suffice it to say that my dorm room laundry pile was once declared a fire hazard.

But beyond matters of basic sustenance and health code violations, the bigger issue is that I’m just no good by myself. Katherine has been such a huge part of my life, not only during our eight amazing years of marriage, but during the entire twelve year span of our friendship, that it is absolutely impossible to remove her from my life for even a week without it leaving a mark.

I find this fact incredibly ironic, given the fact that I enjoy having alone times so much. When I’m constantly around people, it drains me. I need that time alone to decompress and gather my thoughts, and when I don’t get it, my emotional health suffers.

All of this seems to suggest that for me the true value of being alone isn’t found in the aloneness. The value is that the aloneness reinvigorates me for relationship. It’s the same feeling I have when I encounter something amazing by myself (a wonder of God’s creation, an important conversation, an exciting development, etc.) and I’m filled with exhilarated anticipation, because I know that later, I’ll get to tell Katherine about it.

Which leaves me waiting for Wednesday. Hurry home, Angel. I love you.


Katherine said...

Aww, baby, I love you too. I'll be home before you know it.


Anonymous said...

Is it sad that I read that and teared up? I can't wait until I get to really experience that. My heart aches for it more than I can express. Ya'll are very lucky, you know that? I hope to be as happy someday as you guys so obviously are. It's so refreshing and encouraging to see. And congrats again on 8 years. That's awesome!