Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Image Gallery

As promised, here are a few of my pics from our JH weekend camp. They represent some of the weekend highlights.

A fine looking group, indeed.

My cabin girls...

'We pump it, we punk it, we're purple all around.
Cuz God is awesome, our love for Him abounds.
We skip, we skap, to the right to the left to the front to the back,
we're PURPLE!! HUH!!'

An unexpected close encounter with Bambi, while on our nature hike. We'd never been this close to a baby fawn. So cute!

Them's some tall trees...

Facing fears, on a ropes course thirty feet above the forest floor. Scary as it may have been, the zip line at the end made it all worthwhile...

My and my buddy Kristel... I love this girl's grin!

Pure silliness. Starring Lizzy, of course.

I dub thee Sir Joey...

The perfect way to end our QUEST weekend was to recognize our students as knights, or warrior princesses, of God's army. Cheesy as a big foamy sword may be, the solemnity of the occassion brought more than a couple of tears.

Any doubt of the weekend's success was eradicated when a seventh grade girl stated, "Next year, camp should be ten weeks long!"

Anyone interested in being a ten-week camp counselor, please apply now!


simivalleyjean said...

I volunteer Kat and Gary. It's obvious you've done a great job. Way to go!!!

Bonnie Arnwine said...

What a great time! I wish G could have been there... well there is always next year... for 10 weeks...