Tuesday, August 12, 2008

End of the Summer

Since my last post, I've been holding down the fort while Gary was gone for a week at the high school camp, then preparing for and running our own junior high camp this past weekend.

We've been running hard this summer, and I am pooped! On one hand, it's been extremely rewarding to pour myself into activities such as the mission trip and youth camp, working hard to see our kids serving and learning more about living out their faith.

On the other, now comes that tricky balance of trying to rest and recharge, take care of some mundane household needs that have been neglected, all while simultaneously anticipating the need to plan and prepare for the kickoff of fall ministries.

As I stand on the verge of a new school year, I want to be deliberate about finding a good balance for life and ministry. I want to improve at preserving my sabbath, building friendships, and developing myself outside of the bubble of youth ministry.

Don't ask me yet how I plan to do this (ha!), but I know it's going to be necessary for me to maintain my sanity as well as the ability to minister to my husband and to the youth. I look forward to seeing what happens!

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