Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's a Small World After All

This past Thursday, Gary and I had the great honor of hosting Brother Eugene and his family in our home. They were just passing through California, on their way from China to their family back in Oklahoma, where they will have their third baby and spend the next few months on furlough.

It was great to catch up with them, to see how big their kids have grown, and to hear about their ministry and what God has been doing in China since we were there in 2006.

Well, I got a call yesterday from Brother Eugene, telling me that their family had completed their travels and had made it safely out to Oklahoma.

He then proceeded to relate to me that as his wife went in for her pre-natal checkup, they mentioned just coming from China, where they are missionaries.

"Oh, really?" the nurse responded, "I have a cousin who went on a mission trip all the way around the world, including China".

"Was it the World Race?" "As a matter of fact, it was!"

"What are their names?" "Gary & Katherine Weston"

"We were just at their home, four days ago!"

That's right - Gary's cousin Gayle, whose family are the only people we know in Oklahoma, just happened to be Cindi's nurse - caring for her just days after they left our home on the other side of the country! I couldn't help but laugh out loud to realize what a small world we truly live in. Thank you, God, for this unexpected bit of sunshine for my day!


caljoy said...

I love, love, love stories like this. I think heaven will be like that also, we will see how we all were interconnected somehow and we'll har exclamations of "I didn't know you two knew each other!" That is a cool story Katherine, thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Isn't our God awesome that way. I think he does that just to encourage us and maybe flip us out a little. Thanks for sharing KR