Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Berry Special Wedding

This past weekend, I had great fun trying out a new role: wedding photographer!

Our friends Matt & Bethany tied the knot one year ago in a civil ceremony, and for their one year anniversary decided to put on a 'renewal of the vows' ceremony at the church for all their family and friends.

Though I've never done anything like this, Bethany likes my photography enough to trust me with all the pictures of her special day. And who ended up doing the videography except my very own G-Dub - together, we composed the Weston Media Package.

It surprised me how intense the day was - I didn't want to risk missing a single moment! I ended up with about 600 pictures, and though I'm certainly not close to professional, I came out with a lot of pictures I'm sure they'll be happy with.

Here are some of my favorite pics:


caljoy said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty. good job

Karina said...

AAAAWWW Pastor Steve looks so happy!

Stacy said...

gWell done!