Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Art Imitating Life...

Tuesday night, we started a new lesson series with our junior highers on the book of Psalms. Gary kicked it off with an unusual exercise designed to get the kids thinking about their own own experiences and emotions and how they might relate those to others (as the Psalms are extremely honest and passionate).

He instructed them to spend approximately eight minutes drawing a picture that represents their life. With junior highers, it would be impossible to guess what this challenge might produce. How can anyone, really, sum up their life in eight minutes on one sheet of paper?

When Gary called time, I walked around the room and was blown away by our kids' ability to capture their lives - a snapshot, if you will, of the middle school experience. If any of you out there have junior highers, or work in junior high ministry, I am sure you will appreciate these as much as I did:

Do any of these remind you of your own junior high years?


Youth-Leader-Lady said...

What an interesting idea. I'm going to have to try that. Do you mind if I snitch your idea?

Katherine said...

Go for it! The idea came from the curriculum, and we were pleased to see how well it connected with our students. Good luck!