Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Portland Memories

It's about time for more about our trip to Portland last month!

Gary and I had never traveled up north together, and February was the perfect time to go, while we were between jobs.

We had time share points for a place in a little town called Welches, about an hour east of the city. The setting was beautiful - trees, mountains, snow... just what this California girl needed to feel like winter had arrived!

There's not much better than getting away from it all, sitting by the fire with glass of wine in hand, watching the snow fall!

My dream for this year is to go somewhere to have a white Christmas, and these few days in the snow only whetted that desire.

The other highlight of the week was spending time with our friend Melissa, and meeting her husband Keith. Melissa was another founding member of Jacob's Well, our first church back in Sacramento when we were first married. We really connected over the fact that we were three of the five in their twenties at the church at the time! She moved up north a while back, and we haven't had a chance to visit until now. She's now got a great job, a sweet husband, and a baby on the way. Congratulations, Melissa!

Melissa and Keith had fun showing us around the city; and planned some memorable outings for us including a hockey game and an elaborate dinner at a Moroccan restaurant called Marrakesh.

Other highlights were the Japanese Garden, which I've already posted about here, an amazing setting to relax and enjoy nature, and a fun place called Noun, an antique shop / artist boutique, with a station in the back selling confections by St. Cupcake. Good times.

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