Sunday, August 23, 2009

Garden Variety

I've been continuing to enjoy my camera (Canon Rebel xsi), and have really appreciated the feedback and encouragement you've given on my past photo blogs. I never intentionally set out to do closeups, but these are the details that grab my attention and delight. I hope you enjoy the same intricate beauty that originally caught my eye. So (Brandon), here's round two!

A perfect heart:

Spiderweb with water droplets:

Translucent rose petals:

This little guy took off when he tired of having his picture taken!

Rainbow in my own backyard:

A little photo editing goes a long way:


Jean said...

Wow, beautiful!


Stacy said...

um, WOW - if you weren't going to be my MOH, I'd have you be my photographer.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! I KNEW it was possible to get flowers to make a heart to figure out how to do it with roses and spray roses.....
Thanks for the pictures!