Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Place to Start...

I guess, first off, I should explain the name, "Feed My Sheep." As some of you may have already guessed, it is a reference to the conversation between Jesus and Peter found in John 21:15-17.

The one question Jesus has for Peter is, "Do you love Me?"

Peter answers, "Yes, of course, Lord. Of course I love You."

Jesus' reply is a command. "Feed my sheep."

A few months ago, as I sat under a tree in an arboretum in Kenya, I had a similar conversation with the Lord. I was praying about the future, and what would happen upon my return to the States. I asked God, "Who am I really? Because You made me, you must know, so tell me, Lord, who am I?"

His answer welled up out of my heart like a whisper, like the soft-spoken word of a father to his son: "You are my shepherd."

A smile crept across my lips, and I knew in my heart that this was true and right. I flipped my Bible open to the concordance and looked up all the entries under the heading of "shepherd." I savored every passage. Each and every one of them described either who I am, or who I want to be. My character, my heart, my hopes and dreams. I am God's shepherd.

Soon after that, Katherine and I began praying and searching for a youth pastor position for me back in the States. This coming Monday, just about four months after that day under the tree in Kenya, I'll begin my new career as Minister to Youth and Young Adults at Fair Oaks Church in Concord, California.

So, the title of this weblog is something of an exhortation for me. I do love Jesus with all my heart, and I want to show Him my love. I want to feed His sheep.

And I have to give credit where credit is due; it was my Ever-Lovin' Wife who came up with the name.


Laura said...

I totally remember hearing about the conversation right after it happened in the arborteum. Of course... I think I may have still been concentrating on the baby monkeys or the big monkey we defended our food from...

Anonymous said...

the Lord has been focusing me on this verse too. it's funny - below this comment box, google says "choose an identity" - I wouldn't have picked "shepherd," but like you, this seems to be the identity God has given me.