Thursday, May 31, 2007

Find the Rock Animal

Remember when you were a kid, and you would look at the clouds and see different pictures? This is kind of like that game, but with rocks. Yeah. Do you see what I see?

Leave a comment with your best guesses!


Stacy said...

Number one: a horse's head, neck, and back.

Number two: a charpae dog with it's right paw under it's chin and a Christmas present bow on it's head

Number three: a bird's head (I also saw what you named it and that applies well too)

Katherine said...

That's awesome, Stacy... different animals than I originally saw, but I can definitely see what you are describing!

Anonymous said...

Okay, here I go... Let's see, #1 looks like a great big baboon/gorilla (what is the difference anyways??) haha I think #2 looks like a dogs head (far right) looking to snack on a bird (left) for dinner.
Nothing jumps out at me in the 3rd picture - probably because it is 6:00AM and I have not had my coffee yet!


caljoy said...

#1 lion or some sort of crouching cat

#2 can't see anything yet

#3 a camel's head (or should I say dromedary?)

Joy R./

Katherine said...

Alright friends... this is what I see in these crazy rock pictures:

#1: To me, this formation looks like a lion. But, it has actually been offically dubbed "sheep rock". Do any of you see a sheep there?

#2: I see the formation of a bird, perhaps a raven, sitting on top of the rock, looking to the left. (though I actually prefer Stacy's shar-pei interpretation)

#3: This looks just like the head of a camel to me. (Joy, you see what I am talking about!)

Thanks everyone for playing - I really enjoyed your ideas!

Katherine =)