Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Timbali Crafts

When I traveled to Swaziland in November of 2006, I was blessed to stay with missionary Julie Anderson and see her ministry first-hand. She has launched a website to promote the craft co-op that she runs; anyone can now order the fabric purses that Swazi women make to support themselves. The co-op is a great group that is making a real difference in the lives of women and children in Swaziland. For more info about the country and this ministry, read below or click the link here.

(fyi, Swaziland is the country Molly will be ministering in on her nine-month mission trip)

Swaziland is a small country in Southern Africa.
Over 40% of the population is HIV positive, there
are more than 120,000 orphans, and the life
expectancy for women is the lowest in the world, at
only 33 years.

Around the country, feeding centers have been
created to help provide regular meals for the many
orphans who lack proper care. The majority of
these care points are run by women, who
themselves are also facing many hardships as the
result of the HIV/AIDS crisis.

Timbali Crafts was started in 2006 to help
generate an income for the 45+ women who work
as volunteer cooks at the eight feeding centers in
the rural area of Engculwini. Crafts sales allow the
women to earn an income for their families, and
also continue on with their volunteer work, which is
vital to their community.

Timbali Crafts also seeks to reach out to the
spiritual needs of the women, through regular
Bible studies, retreats and special events.

As Timbali Crafts continues to grow, even more
women in Swaziland will be able to become
involved in this income generating opportunity,
and further outreach to underprivileged women will
be funded.

Timbali Crafts is directed by Julie Anderson,
missionary with Adventures In Missions.

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Stephanie said...

What a wonderful ministry! I enjoyed checking out their site. Maybe I'll be able to order one of their lovely bags myself... :)