Thursday, April 12, 2007

Loving God's Little Ones

All week long, we have been running a program for local kids in a neighborhood near Broad Street Mission, and it has been a joy for the whole team to be involved in loving these kids with the love of Christ.

Through prayer and suggestions from locals, God led us to a great location, an elementary school that was abandoned after the storm. It has a basketball court, an open field, and a large concrete area with an overhang to provide shade on the sunny days and shelter on the rainy ones. So when we found it on Monday, we brought out a ball or two and started played with the local kids.

We’ve been back every afternoon since.

Each day, we see between 10-20 kids, though school starting back up yesterday and today has seemed to lessen our turnout some. The time we spend with them is a combination of relationship building through sports, bible lessons, skits and dramas, and crafts. We’ve also begun to teach the kids some of the dramas set to music that we’ve prepared, and they’re picking up the moves very quickly!

Our week culminates today with a barbeque for the whole neighborhood at 5pm. We plan to perform multiple dramas, share stories of God’s faithfulness, and just be friends to the people from the neighborhood. Please be in prayer for this event, as this will be a significant opportunity to share God’s love with people who may not know Him yet.

Below are a handful of pictures taken during our times with the kids this week.

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