Saturday, April 7, 2007

We Made It…Mostly

We have arrived safely in New Orleans. Well, most of us have anyway.

Tina Barber ran into a bit of an ID problem at the airport, so she’s coming on a later flight. She gets in just after midnight tonight. And Jade Barber is coming in tomorrow afternoon, as planned. But the rest of us are here.

We’re staying at a church called Firehouse Family Ministries. Up above the church, they are barracks built for incoming teams like us. We have ten guys sleeping in one room, so pray that the smell doesn’t kill anyone.

This evening, Bill Britton, our Project Leader from Adventures in Missions gave us a bit of an orientation and overview of what we’ll be doing this week. We’ll get into more detail tomorrow, but everything we do here will be focused on building relationships; painting and drywall work, feeding the homeless, playing basketball with local teenagers, prayer walking through neighborhoods, etc.

Tomorrow morning, we won’t be participating in the previously planned sunrise service after all, due to some logistical circumstances. We’ll instead be celebrating Easter here at Firehouse Family Ministries, and then traveling to the construction sites, the mission, and the VBS location to pray over these sites before our work this week commences.

The team is in great spirits. Everyone is eager to get started, to meet people, and to see what God will do through us this week. I’ll try to post at least once a day with new stories, pics, and prayer requests, so check back regularly.

Happy Easter to Everyone!!

Prayer Requests:
  • Pray that God would begin speaking to us about what He wants from us this week.

  • Pray for our meetings with the people we’ll be working alongside.

  • Pray that every member of our team would be seeking the Lord with all of his/her heart.

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Shari Judkins said...

Tell Courtney her Grandma misses her and I hope she and the rest of you had a wonderful Easter, as we did here in Concord.