Monday, April 9, 2007

Visiting a Year Later

Mandi and Molly wrote the following story for us, sharing an experience the Mission Team had while retracing their steps:

Last year on the trip to Louisiana, a group of us had an awesome opportunity to work on a house that belonged to a man named Don. We got to see God work through us to touch someone else’s life. Don went from being a very discouraged, unattached part of what was going on to being open and actually working alongside us as we gutted his house. By the end of the week we left Don with a fully-gutted house and a sense of hope for his future.

Returning to Louisiana this year, a whole year later, we got the opportunity to go visit Don again. When we first arrived at his house, it was clear that no work had been done on the house since we left, which was a discouragement.

We knocked on Don’s trailer and when he came out, he was totally shocked that we would care to come back and visit him. We all hugged and we talked about how his life has been going and the future plans for the house. He shared with us that the area had been hit by a tornado and he suffered little damage with the exception of his roof.

At the end of our visit, we prayed for his needs and for the tough decisions he is facing regarding the house, and also regarding his health. At the end of our prayer, he couldn’t even finish thanking us. He looked at Russ and all he got out was “Thank you for bringing them back to me,” and he bent over and started to cry. We all embraced him in our arms and it was such a touching experience for us all.

Although we were discouraged in the beginning because nothing was done to the house, in the end we realized that even though the house had not changed, Don was touched and something seemed to change in him.

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