Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Swaziland Update

Last week I blogged about the orphan crisis in Swaziland, and how badly I desire to do something that would make a meaningful difference. I've been investigating some options, and praying that God would direct me in how to respond.

(Bonnie's already committed to joining me on this journey. Anybody else out there?)

Here are some opportunities I've found:

ABC Ministry in Bulembu,Swaziland. I had the privilege of visiting this orphanage when I was in Swaziland last November. Robyn & Gerry, a wonderful South African couple, have dedicated their lives to caring for abandoned Swazi babies, until they are adopted out or are old enough to join the 'orphan village'. They are currently caring for about 30 young children.

World Vision. This is a well known organization that provides assistance to an entire community, benefitting all the families through the means of child sponsorship.

Children's HopeChest. This is the group that found the 95 orphans I wrote about last week. They are currently developing a way to support these kids, and I have plans to speak with the director when he returns to the states next week. Their organization is working to connect churches in America as sponsors to individual orphanages in Swaziland. If your church might be interested, please contact Tom Davis.

Ultimately, I know that there really isn't a wrong time or place to give to the poor. But, I want to be wise in making commitments I can follow through on, that will hopefully bless the most people, and will encourage others to join along with me. Meanwhile, keep praying that God would provide, and be open to the possibility that He may want to provide through YOU!!!

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