Tuesday, June 26, 2007


This past year, I celebrated my 29th birthday in Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa. Gary gave me a small handcarved wooden ornament, in the shape of a dove. By this point, I was way past homesick and tired of the constant packing and moving. The dove was to symbolize our new home, and the peace we would find there, as well as the blessing from God we'd been praying for. Being the sentimental softie I am, I adored it.

The little dove ornament now sits in our kitchen and reminds me everyday of God's provision and Gary's love, as all these things have come to pass. You can imagine our delight when a pair of real doves chose to nest in our backyard this spring. These beautiful little birds seemed yet another confirmation of God bringing us specifically to this place.

I nicknamed the female Juanita Paloma (Jane Dove) and have watched her everyday from my chair on the back deck, as she patiently warmed her eggs. Last night I peeked over and was rewarded with a glimpse of the babies! Two perfect little dove chicks. Juanita Paloma calmly allowed me to creep up and snap a picture, and later, when she went out for an evening snack I came back to get a pic of the babies.

Aren't they cute?

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Bethany said...

How exciting! I've got baby birds outside my window at work, but the momma hid them good. I can barely see the nest and only caught a glimpse of them when she fed them today.