Monday, August 20, 2007

Gary's Latest Sermon

If you weren't attending church at Fair Oaks yesterday morning, you missed out!

It was a special day for many reasons: Gary's father and his wife were in town visiting, four of our high school girls shared a special musical performance during the service, and Gary was able to preach for the second time at Fair Oaks, while Pastor Steve was away.

If you'd like to hear Gary's message, "The Power of His Presence", you can click here to listen to it online.


caljoy said...

Once again a powerful message Gary. I plan on downloading it and giving it to a young gal I met that was raised a believer, walked away and now is questioning a lot of things. I felt your message was written just for her.
What is the song title that the high schooler sang at the end of service?

Katherine said...

The song was "Shackles", originally done by Mary Mary. Those girls did an awesome job!