Tuesday, August 28, 2007

That's my mom!

I just found out from my mom today that her picture appeared in a local paper, the "Camarillo Acorn" (that's her, third from the left).

The picture accompanies this article about the classical guitar society she participates in. These classical guitar enthusiasts meet monthly for free group performances, where all members are encouraged to try their hand at performing. The other musicians have been a huge encouragement to my mom, who just started playing classical last year.

A snippet from the article:

The society is loosely organized- members pay no dues and aren't required to play to a certain level. "It's the joy of playing classical guitar music with likedminded people," said Gail DeWolfe of Camarillo, a founding member. "It's just a group that loves classical guitar and that's the only requirement."
Way to go, mom!

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caljoy said...

We love classical guitar at our home.....may your finger tips be calloused enough to endure the pain of pushing the strings down!