Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Coming Attractions

Last Sunday, we concluded our second round of Sunday School "Reimagined" classes.

Instead of trying to create some 'one size fits all' program to meet the needs of all junior or senior highers (it does continue to boggle my mind that 6th grade boys and 8th grade girls are the same species, much less the same age group!), we have created various Sunday School options that students can pick from.

This past month was a shortened four week cycle, that gave students choices such as "Volleyball & Values", "JH Drama Workshop" (creating a short film for an upcoming worship night), "Guys Only / Girls Only", and "Hungry for the Kingdom" (overview on world hunger plus preparing for our upcoming 30 Hour Famine).

This Sunday we kick off our next round of classes:

Fighting Temptation: Kick Sin in the Shin

Don’t let the Devil pick on you, fight back! Find out how junior highers can deal with temptation in their lives.

In Stitches: Knit & Crochet to Warm Up America

Learn a new skill while helping those in need! We will be turning balls of yarn into 7 x 9 squares that will be joined together to make warm afghan blankets! Bring your yarn, knitting needles or hooks if ya got ‘em!

What the Heck, God? Talking to God When You’re Upset

Fact: Life is hard sometimes. Fact: God can handle our emotions. Join Pastor Gary in an exploration of some very honest Psalms.

Heaven’s Kitchen: Cooking with Donna G.

Does your gourmet cooking taste like honey and locusts? Get comfortable in the kitchen as Donna shares her insider’s secrets.


gavin richardson said...

i love your themes. we broke off from doing aged leveled ss last year. opting for 2 - 7 week curriculum for our 7/8th graders & 9-11th graders to choose from. so if something stinks. it will be over before they know it. it's worked pretty well giving teachers a break and putting in someone who wants to help, but not commit for life.

Katherine said...

Hello, Gavin. It's great to hear that you guys have had success with a similar program. I'd love to hear about the choices you've offered your students, and what they've responded to!

God Bless,

Katherine =)

Stacy said...

I love the ideas - kind of makes me wish I was in Jr. High - oh, wait; no don't want to do that again. But it would be cool to have classes like yours.

Oh,and unless you're doing some new Geometry I don't know about (and since I'm traing to be an English teacher, not math teacher it is possible), 7x9 is a rectangle, not a square : )

Stacy said...

I just proved once again that I can't spell. I meant Geometry. Hope I don’t have to teach too much spelling – yikes!

Bethany said...

In knitting or crocheting an afghan, they are called granny squares... whether they are square, rectangular, round, whatever..