Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's knitting needles you want, not iPhones

Believe it or not, we had the knitting class (see previous post) in the works before finding this article.

Apparently a study called D-Code was just released, an annual survey that tracks youth culture. According to the study,

"Young people's circuits are overloaded. They can't keep on top of their email, surf their Facebook, handle their Second Life avatar and upload their Flickr. They find all this technology that is designed to connect them is in fact disconnecting them. They are actually in multimedia meltdown."

The result is a knee-jerk reaction towards the less sophisticated, as young people seek temporary salvation from the cutting edge. They are being driven to activities reminiscent of their childhood and more familiar with their parents' generation. Out goes MySpace, PS2s and iPhones, and in comes knitting clubs, craft fairs and cloud appreciation societies.

..."But this is not a fight against technology – youths want to be at the leading edge, but they also need a time for back to basics, where analogue living provides some respite."

Perhaps this hunger for the tangible explains the popularity of the knitting Sunday School class. When signups began, I had expected that class to garner less interest, but so far the first ten signups have been for knitting, including three very active 6th grade boys! I am very curious to see how the class plays out over the next four weeks.

If all goes well, perhaps we should consider starting our own 'cloud appreciation society'...

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