Monday, November 5, 2007

Pray for Mexico

Hi friends.

Please keep the people of Mexico in your prayers as they deal with some of the worst flooding in their history.

This USA Today article states that after a week of flooding, 80% of the state of Tabasco is under water. 20,000 people are trapped on their rooftops, without access to food or a way to escape to safety. The state capital, Villahermosa, is completely under water. The city is huge, and I can't imagine how many people are without food, separated from family, or at risk of losing everything they own. Pray God's protection and comfort on them at this time.

This does hit close to home, as Gary and I spent the night with a kind family there in Villahermosa during the World Race. Our team translator Juan Carlos knew the family, so our team stopped to stay with them during our road trip from Veracruz to Palenque, Chiapas. They kindly fed us tamales and gave up their beds for us.

Lord, be with them, and all your children in Mexico right now. Be with the rescuers, and those working to get the flooding under control. Help everyone to get enough food, clean water, and medicine. May your goodness and love be poured out during this time of tragedy. Amen.