Saturday, November 3, 2007

Happy Birthday, G-Dub!

Hooray! Gary's birthday weekend turned out to be a smashing success! (Hence the obvious lack of blogging over the past week)

A couple of months ago, Gary's best friend from high school, Jason, and his brother, affectionately nicknamed the Bonus, began to conspire with me about how to properly celebrate G-Dub's 30th. They each worked it out to fly out here (from Seattle and San Diego, respectively) to surprise Gary and enjoy a weekend of birthday fun! (For those of you confused by Gary's earlier post, Jason arrived a day earlier than the Bonus, thus prolonging the surpris-i-ness of the weekend)

My house overrun with testosterone, thus commenced plenty of birthday fun... the sort I participated in (going out to dinner, visiting Apple Hill), and the sort I did not (Halo tournaments, rasslin', Risk). They say guys need their buddies, and to see these guys reunited, I would definitely have to agree.

Since Gary and I have been married, we've had friend after friend move away, and his brother we barely saw during his stint at the FOX station in Minnesota. I can't speak for Gary, but the best part of the weekend for me was to look at the familiar faces around the table and appreciate the ease that comes with knowing one another forever. The more friends we've had come and go, the more I cherish those that remain. Hopefully it won't be another year or three before we do it all again...


(and thanks Bonnie for making part 2 possible!)

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Bonus said...

And thank you Sis for putting up with us! For your birthday, I'm giving you your husband back.