Monday, May 12, 2008

Mt. Diablo Hike

Last Saturday, G-Dub and I headed out to our local mountain to get in some hiking before the big trip to Yosemite (don't you think everyone should have a local mountain?). We ended up on a spectacular trail that took us through a gazillion wildflowers up to a scenic peak that looks out over the entire East Bay on one side, and beautiful rolling hills on the other.

Along the way, we encountered a fair amount of wildlife. My favorite was this quail, who played sentry for his lady while she gave herself a dustbath and foraged in the grass. Later on, I was thrilled to capture a pic of a hummingbird at rest - not an easy task.

I thought this would be a nice pic with all the orange wildflowers, but check this out... an unanticipated guest showed up in my 'self-portrait' - can you find him? I'm not sure if you can tell in this small of a pic, but at full size you can see him waving and grinning cheesily.

There's truly nothing like springtime in California!


Karina said...

Haha if you click on the picture you can see him in the back!

simivalleyjean said...

Great pic - of "both" of you.