Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fabulous Flowers

After a glorious spring day exploring Golden Gate Park with my sweetie, I have a new favorite spot in 'the city' (move over, Samovar): the Conservatory of Flowers. Rarely do I get to see the glory of God on full display, but the creativity and wonder of His creation can be found around every corner in this 100-year-old greenhouse.

The serene atmosphere made me want to stay all day

These flowers are carnivorous!

A rare color combination in nature

Jungle Flowers

These look good enough to eat!

Hanging out with the Orchids


Bonnie said...

Amazing. I've always wanted to go and I still haven't been there...

caljoy said...

For my 50th Dave planned a whole day of cool things. Hot air balloon ride in Napa, then we zipped over to GGPark and the arboretum had just opened back up. I went nuts, aren't the huge lilly pads awesome? We biked around the park, hitting the japenese tea gardens too. I am so glad you had the chance to go there and explore. Did you get to the art gallery??

Anonymous said...

Oh wow!!! Arboretums like that are amazing. It makes me want to get married or engaged or something that would warrant taking breathtaking pictures in front of even more breathtaking nature. If (and when) I come out there, we're going there to sit and take it in and catch up!