Monday, May 5, 2008

Youth Sunday

This past Sunday, our church had the great blessing of a youth-led worship service!

It was the first time we (Gary and I) ever coordinated such an effort, and a new experience for many in the church as well. Our students did a fantastic job with their various contributions - greeting, leading worship, drama, testimonies, music, serving communion, and even teaching (yeah, we've got a preacher in our junior high class!).

Special thanks to all the adults who willingly gave up their posts for a week and did a great job training their young replacements! My prayer is that the participating students would be affirmed in the abilities God has given them, and that the church body as a whole would be blessed to see God working through the youth. We've certainly received nothing but positive feedback!

Here's a sampling of our student-led worship band - to me they sound nothing short of angelic:


trustingHim said...

I whole heartedly agree, last Sunday was awesome! I thought is was very worshipful and respectful of all generations. I hope you will do this again, maybe with some regularity. Thanks for all your efforts in orchestrating this.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea!