Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What is Youth Ministry?

Youth ministry is...

-studying the Bible
-teaching the Bible
-messaging on MySpace
-praying like crazy
-dreaming big dreams
-laying foundations
-helping kids respect their parents
-helping parents respect their kids
-not preaching
-inventing crazy games
-saying "I don't know", when you don't
-seeing past the walls
-writing notes
-being yourself
-exploring faith together
-showing up (every time)
-noticing the quiet kid
-choosing to love
-instilling hope for the future
-asking hard questions
-listening and loving, no matter what the answers
-caring about every aspect of a teen's life (because God does)
-being Jesus with skin on, and challenging them to do the same


Jean said...

WOW! Well said.

Stacy said...

AMEN! (to the post, not Katherine's mom's comment although that does deserve an amen as well)