Monday, October 15, 2007

I love my small group

For our high school small group last night, Gary and I decided to take a break from our discipleship study of Mark, and take the students out to have some fun. Sometimes you gotta eat some orange chicken together to take you to that deeper level, ya know?

We treated everyone to dinner at Panda Express, then came back to hang out. At some point our joking around led to the guitar and djembe coming out, and we ended up breaking into a spontaneous worship time that lasted about an hour. (Have I mentioned that youth ministry is the coolest job ever?)

Here are some pics from our dinner out:

Do you like to high-five? ME TOO!!!

Carol and I

Boys will be boys...

Thou shalt not covet the gorgeous locks of the Bauermeisters!

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caljoy said...

Mmmm Panda Express orange chicken, now I have a craving for it......