Monday, October 8, 2007

Retool Kit Reflections

Wow. I am feeling sooo (pick one):

So, yesterday was our first (six hour!) "Retool Kit" meeting. There are 18 of us from Fair Oaks Church that have been invited to participate in a revisioning process of sorts. The "Retool Kit" is a resource developed by our denomination to guide churches through a process of change. Our role is to work together to discern where God is leading us as a church body, and learn how to develop vision and shape the church culture to align with God's direction.

At this point of the process, I am experiencing a multitude of emotional responses:

Happy, that our church is serious about getting healthier and developing a cohesive vision. Discouraged, that the process is so lengthy. Excited, to get to work with some really neat people that I've wanted to get to know. Apprehensive, that we don't really know what we're getting into. Hopeful, anticipating God will do something amazing. Confused, wondering if a process is what our church actually needs. Exhausted, by a day of teaching Sunday school, going to church, participating in a six hour meeting, followed by high school small group later that night.

Tomorrow will kick off our first "assignment": getting together in triads to pray and discuss our reading, "The Emotionally Healthy Church". I look forward to the meeting, but I'm gonna have to find some strength somewhere.

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Bonnie Arnwine said...

Happy b/c we had a chance to visit last Wed. night. :-)