Friday, October 5, 2007

Recommend a Dentist?

One of the worst things (in my opinion) about moving to a new area is having to establish new relationships with care providers - new doctor, new dentist, etc. It's always a bit of trial and error before finding someone you trust.

After a disappointing dentist appointment this morning, I must admit to myself that the search will continue. Nearly two hours of sitting around waiting for a scant few minutes of attention is just not the way I want to spend my time (not that anyone really wants to spend their time with the dentist)! My "cleaning" really could not have been much less thorough, and while I appreciate they did not hurt me, I don't want to end up with further problems down the road due to lack of attention now.

So... if you have a dentist (in the East Bay) that you trust, and will take Blue Shield Insurance, please send your recommendations my way!


caljoy said...

Don't know if they take blue shield but I love my dentist. And I know dentists. His name in Dr. Matt Liautaud. His office is off of Willow Pass kinda near my house. He is young, and very trustworthy. His office staff is great, Val his chair side has been at that office for 20 years. Love them all the phone number is:685-0619

Bethany said...

I've heard good things about Dr. Liautaud from a girlfriend. Including that he's cute.(and happily married)
I've had the same dentist my whole life. He sees my dad probably once a month... He's really nice, but I haven't had much to compare to. Not sure what insurance he takes besides Delta Dental. The office is in Crockett.