Tuesday, October 16, 2007


What if Christian students from around the nation gathered together, not to hear their favorite band or speaker, but to gather in unity, acknowledging the supremacy of Christ and worshipping the Lord?

It's happening next year in Paradise, Kansas. There will be no stage. No Christian celebrities. No T-shirts for sale. Just students in a field, praying, singing, and worshipping together. "Everything the worshippers say and sing is for an audience of One."

This is so different than anything I've ever seen, I can hardly picture it. Who will come? What will happen? This is just radical enough to make me very, very curious.

"PARADISE is a journey to awaken students from every part of the body of Christ to the supremacy of God's Son, to call them to adore Him as King, and to inspire them to arise to bravely join Him in accelerating His kingdom purposes for this generation, converging in a national worship gathering on May 25, 2008, convened at the geographic center of the nation."

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