Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stuff Christians Like

In case you didn't catch it, there's a new link on the right hand side under the category of "Favorite Sites" called "Stuff Christians Like".

The site is full of snippets pondering (and sometimes critiquing) Christianese and Christian church culture. Because as much as we love Jesus, sometimes we as Christians do stuff that's just weird! And what's better than poking fun at yourself?

Here's a sample post from the site:

#182: Saying "Pot Blessings" instead of "Pot Lucks"

Once on the Simpsons, Maude Flanders told Homer, "Neddy doesn't believe in life insurance, he considers it a form of gambling."

Granted, despite sleeping with that lady on one episode, Ned Flanders was designed to be an amplified personification of Christianity. His moves were big and loud. If you went to his house you played Bible board games and ate "unflavored" ice treat instead of ice cream. His version of faith was bright and shiny and exaggerated. I thought it was fake until recently.

In response to a Pot Luck post I wrote lots of people started emailing me. They told me that in their church, they were not allowed to say the phrase, "Pot Luck." It's too worldly, too much like coincidence, too much like gambling. So instead they say, "Pot Blessings." And some people say, "Pot Providence."

I heart that. Hearing about that made me really eager to find other examples. I instantly wanted to add a glossary to the back of my book that was titled simply, "Christian Translator." Baking some devil's food cake but feel like that sounds too demonic? Call it "Angel pie." Daughter lost a tooth and excited about the tooth fairy? Call it the "tooth angel."

It's a weird thing to be fixated on, but there it is. I'm in love with the idea of having the world's most comprehensive list of Christian words. Let's do it, you and I. Let's change this crazy world.

(This post totally reminded me about rumors of a church requiring their members to say 'heaven-o', instead of 'hell-o' when greeting one another. Too weird not to be true!)

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Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm not spiritual enough, but someone needs to get a life.

Katherine's Dad

Anonymous said...


My earlier comment was only for those people who have a hangup about using the phrase "pot luck."

Katherine's Dad

Stacy said...

I just went to the site - it's pretty great. I read the post about Chick-fil-a and was cracking up with all the people who also crave it on Sundays when it's closed. I hate that! Great site, thanks for the info!