Thursday, February 15, 2007


So far, this blog has consisted more of my random musings than anything that actually pertains to youth ministry! We'll have to remedy that... (or not)! It's been an interesting first month here, in that we've been trying to get started in a new job, in a new city, while simultaneously trying to keep Gary's cold from developing into full-blown pneumonia. (We did finally get him to the doctor, btw, and he's doing much better on his new antibiotic regimen)

Despite the temporary setback, we've still been able to have a lot of fun getting to know our kids and their families. Small groups, basketball games, many many dinners, ice cream, sunday school, even cheering on the star of her school play... each day we count our blessings yet again, as God shows us what a great community of believers He's brought us to! I've especially been encouraged by the great number of parents that are really involved in their kids' lives, and by the way these kids can PRAY! (Hmm... wonder if those are related somehow?) Man, God is at work here, and I feel so privileged to be a part of it!

With that, I want to share some pics of 'my' kids with y'all. They sure can "cheeze!", can't they?

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