Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Thank you, DRIME!

These past few days, Gary and I have been super blessed to be able to host Lillian's DRIME team in our home (all nine of them!). From this strategic location, the DRIME-ers were able to spend two days doing ministry in San Francisco, as well as teach a drama workshop for the youth at our church here in Concord.

They were the first official houseguests in our home, and I have to say, now that they're gone, the house just feels waaaay too empty without them. Something about a full house that just makes it feel more like a home... leaders chatting in the corner, boys on the internet in the back, half the girls engaged in a full blown Scrabble war, while the other half learn to play fetch by Billy's rules. Their time here was fantastic, and ended way too soon.

I was able to get a few pictures of the team, mostly of them interacting with our youth at the drama workshop. Check 'em out:


Ashley Musick said...

Hey Guys just dropped by to see the site when what to my wandering eyes did appear.... BUT LILLIAN AND DRIME! You are soo lucky and I'm quite jealous. I guess now the jig is up, you've seen what real DRIME people do and how they teach it. I'm just a lowly want to be. I know it will be a blessing in the ministry and that you guys will do great with it. God bless and remember me whenever you get "in the light." Love ya and miss you heaps and mounds. - Ashley

Anonymous said...

Looks like you're settling in well. Hooray for company too! How is Gary's health doing? You're in my prayers.
Ps: Billy is adorable!

Anonymous said...

hey Guys....THANKS so much for having us! We had a blast and have nothing but the greatest memories of being at your place. It would've been awesome to see you for longer but this was definitely better than nothing that's for sure! Thanks for being such welcoming hosts and for being so good to my team! guys are awesome!

- LILLIAN - :)