Friday, February 23, 2007

The Canadians are coming!

I’m so stinkin’ excited… I get to see Lillian on Monday! Eeeekk!!!

We met Lillian in Nairobi, Kenya, while we were on the world race, and she was there as a missionary with a Canadian drama evangelism team called DRIME. Their team spent about 9 months in Kenya, working with local Christians to develop a Kenya DRIME base there in Nairobi. It turns out that that they were staying in the AIM base, where the red & brown teams worked the entire month, so they were able to welcome us and help us adapt to Kenyan life. Our teams all hit it off, and we really united as friends during that time.

Anyways, Lillian (and new team) are coming to California tomorrow, to lead drama workshops, and to do street evangelism, and along with some time in San Diego, they are coming up here to the bay area for a few days! So… they’re going to crash out at our place, do some ministry in San Francisco, and spend an evening training our high school missions team to do dramas we can use on our trip to New Orleans!

After a year living in other people’s homes, I am SO excited to return the favor and host a missions team here! It will be great to connect with Lillian again, and share what God has been doing in our lives since September. And, it’s really cool that our students can learn from such a talented and experienced team. Woo hoo!

(Miss you Mark & Shelley)

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