Thursday, February 1, 2007

Africa whispers...

Do you ever get the feeling that God might be trying to tell you something, yet you just can’t quite grasp it? It’s an indescribable mixture of excitement, confusion, peace and frustration.

I sat down for my morning quiet time the other day, and as I prayed through the normal things, my heart suddenly turned to Africa. I remembered the special people we met in Kenya, South Africa, and Swaziland, and the great need of the communities we lived in while on the World Race last year. My heart broke for the millions living in poverty, for the AIDS orphans, for all those missing out on the hope in difficult circumstances that only God can provide. I cried out to God to remember them, to provide for them, and to send them laborers (Mat. 9) to comfort them.

When I had finished praying, I wandered over to the computer to check my e-mail. Lo and behold, I had received an update from the McClungs, missionaries we’d met working in South Africa. Next, I read my daily blogs, and Seth Barnes had posted a powerful youtube video about a Rwandan pastor dealing with AIDS in his community. By this point, I was completely in tears. I miss Africa SO much, and all this just reminded me of my desire to return and work with the people I love so dearly. Since we left Africa to come back to the states, I’ve felt an ache in my soul, a ‘homesickness’, an innate knowledge that I’ve left an irretrievable piece of my heart on that beautiful continent.

Early the very next morning, our telephone rang while we were still in bed. It rang a couple of times, then cut off before I could awaken and make it across the whole house to pick it up (we’re still in the process of moving in – no phone yet in our room). Whoever it was didn’t bother to leave a message. I went back to bed, more than a little grumbly. About ten minutes later, just as I was settling back in to a nice snooze, the phone rang again. I jumped up, determined that I was going to talk to whoever was waking me up!

I was astonished to hear the voice on the other end of the phone… ‘Katherine, how are you? This is Pastor Mike!” It was Mike Igunza, our Kenyan friend calling us from Nairobi! I had e-mailed him our new contact information, but certainly wasn’t expecting a phone call. “I am here with Pastor Levi, Pastor Jackson…” click… the line went dead. Oh no! I’d wanted to talk to them so badly. I waited for them to call back, but no luck. I do have his phone number, but first would have to look up the country code for Kenya, as well as buy some sort of calling card, since we’re not set up for long distance.

I can’t help but wonder if the pastors were calling me with a specific prayer request or need. I can’t help but wonder if the events of the past few days are more than a coincidence. I have no doubt that I will be connected to Africa for the rest of my life, but as for what the next step will be, I am just waiting, and listening, and praying. Lord, when You call me, help me to hear Your voice, and help me to be ready.

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