Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Joys of Youth Ministry

A few students that made me smile this week (for various reasons):


-An 8th grade girl gave me a glowing report of her first day in the "Love your neighbors" class. While picking up trash in the neighborhood (during the Sunday school hour... talk about learning by doing!), they encountered an elderly gentleman (87 years young!) and struck up a friendly conversation. They helped him clean up his front yard by picking up fallen apples, and agreed to come back next week to pick more apples to donate to a local crisis center. When it was time to head back to the church, they wished him a nice day, to which he replied that they had "already made his day". How awesome is that? I am SO proud of those kids (and their fearless leaders), going out to BE Jesus to our neighborhood.


-A conversation overheard at a high school football game, between 9th & 10th grade girls:

Girl #1: "Oh look, Katrina's here! She's so pretty..."

Girl #2: "Who?"

Girl #1: "Katrina! She's so gorgeous. She's right over there... the beautiful girl with the blond hair; she curled it today."

Girl #3 (sighing wistfully): "Yeah... she glimmers..."


-A 9th grade boy, leaving our house at the end of small group with a huge handful of popcorn "for the road". We had already bid him farewell when I overheard: "Doh, my popcorn! Dang screen door..." I peeked back out to discover him intently gathering up dropped popcorn from the front porch, and shoveling it directly into his mouth, blissfully unaware that he was being observed! I'm glad none went to waste...


Have I mentioned, I love teenagers?

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