Monday, September 17, 2007

Content to Rent

While walking Billy this morning, I passed a 'House For Sale' sign, down at the end of our street. I couldn't resist checking out the flyer, if only to confirm to myself that I won't be moving anytime soon. Guess how much they want for the house. Guess.

(hint: Curb appeal: great. Lawn: lush and green. Backyard: very nice - I believe they even have a pool.)

Have you guessed yet?

They're asking $950,000.

Nine hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

Oh. My. Gosh.

I know it's the Bay area, but c'mon. That is a loooooot of money. Especially for our neighborhood! (On second thought, maybe word has already gotten out about the cute kids that come around picking up trash on Sunday mornings!)

I guess I should start reading:


Bonnie Arnwine said...

renters forever...

i know the feeling.

Hey i'm ready to order some coffee. What about you? Are you up for trying Saint's?

Katherine said...

Yeah, I'm ready to try some Saints Coffee. Have you picked a blend you'd like to sample? I'll get something different than what you pick, so we can both try two of the blends.