Sunday, September 16, 2007

Knitting and Tattoos

More about the changing world we live in,

according to an MSNBC article about "microtrends":

Here are some factoids to take to the “Jeopardy” audition:

Over the past two generations, the number of left-handed Americans has nearly doubled.

Between 2004 and 2005, the purchase of fashion yarn increased 56 percent. The fastest growing group of knitters are teens and twentysomethings.

The fastest growing group of videogamers? Moms over the age of 45.

People making more than $75,000 a year are much more likely to be among the 30 million Americans with tattoos than members of lower-income groups.

Of young Californians surveyed last year, 1 percent aspire to become military snipers.

Only 77 of Harvard’s 6,700 undergraduates are majoring in math.

For more about these changes in culture, read the full article here.


caljoy said...

This is an interesting factoid that I just recently uncovered:
according to the Oxford Hair Foundation, it is predicting that number of natural redheads in the world will continue to dwindle leaving the world without redheads by the year 2100. The scientists at the Oxford Hair Foundation claim that only four percent of the world's population is naturally redheaded. The decrease of people with naturally red hair in recent years are attributed to the fact that the gene is recessive. This causes the gene to dilute when a carrier produces children with someone who carries the dominant brown-hair gene.
Click here to read whole story

Katherine said...

Wow, I'd never heard that! Thanks for the link.