Monday, February 18, 2008

Youth Trip to 'Africa'

Last Sunday evening, we headed back to Cornerstone Fellowship Church in Livermore, this time with ten of our high schoolers in tow. We wanted them to hear for themselves the powerful stories of Princess Kasune Zulu and Dr. Sam Huddleston, and to be challenged to personalize the AIDS crisis by walking through the World Vision 'Step into Africa' experience.

As part of the outing, we purchased and assembled three AIDS caregiver kits. These will go to provide supplies for those in Africa caring for others with AIDS. (I can't began to tell you how proud I am that our high school small group had a higher turnout for an event about caring for people with AIDS than we did for either our theme park trip last year or our Christmas party... what does that tell you about our young people today?)

If any of you are interested in participating, the experience runs through tonight at Cornerstone in Livermore. In two weeks, they will be set up at a church in Lodi.

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