Monday, February 11, 2008


Though my ultimate blogging goal is to put up a post every day, I've barely been online this past week because I've been either too tired to blog, or had no access to a computer. So, instead of giving up, I'm compiling some mini-updates, of which I may (or may not) elaborate on in subsequent posts... no promises!

Community: Adjusting to the Bay Area way of life (busy, busy, busy!) continues to weigh on me, as the building of relationships seems to be such a slooooooow process. I've got some really great people in my life, but it feels so laborious to do the "phone-tag-compare-calendars-reschedule-for-three-weeks-later" dance, that the fear of that kind of hassle keeps me from being the spontaneous intiative-taking friend I could be! Anyways, I am encouraged because this week actually went very well - not only did I have several fun dinners out with various friends from church, but I also got down with my domestic self and baked fresh bread to share with the neighbors!

Burnout: I wasn't quite there, but I could smell the smoke and have been doing what it takes to get off the fiery path of ministry-workaholism I'd found myself on... It's hard for me: I love God, and I love the church, and I love the kids in our ministry. I don't want to waste a minute of my life! I'm trying to teach myself though, to accept the reality that resting & restoring is not wasting time, but a necessary part of a godly life (ooh, it feels so unspiritual though!).

Conflict: Ah yes, I am continuing to learn about myself. Though I am willing and desirous to acknowledge disagreements and broach topics that need to be addressed in a healthy way, I can't say that those interactions don't still keep me up at night. Interesting, because our Retool Kit group is studying conflict management right now... and wouldn't you know that this month has brought some very clear examples my way. I pray that my responses have been appropriate and will bear good fruit.

Oscar Movie Tradition: Saw the movie Atonement. Regretted it. 'Nuff said.

Foster Care License: We've officially submitted our application and will be attending a three-Saturday training series for potential foster / adoptive parents. Coincidentally, (mm-hmm!) I'm in a bible study group that includes a great-grandma who had six kids, adopted three, and fostered over thirty! You ever get the feeling that God has something up His sleeve?

Guatemala Mission Trip: God continues to confirm our plans to return to Pastor Antonio's church in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala this coming summer. G-Dub and I had a sweet prayer time for the trip with some of our HS students last week, and were particularly blessed to hear that our Guatemalan brothers and sisters were joining us in prayer that same day. I am humbled and blessed by the way God is directing us at this time.

Well, that should do it for now. That's what's going on in my life... how bout you?


caljoy said...

I love you and your blogging keeps me in "contact" without having to talk everyday, not that i wouldn't want to ! but both of our lives are way busy.

Katherine said...

Yep, that's why I love blogging so much! (and why I read so many others' blogs...) I always appreciate your comments, Joy. =)