Friday, July 11, 2008

Another Afternoon at Domingo’s

By Karina and Rachelle

Yesterday, everyone was really excited to be able to visit Domingo again. Since we knew there were a lot of kids in the area where he lives, we decided to create a little program to entertain the kids and teach them about Jesus.

When we arrived in the little courtyard outside of their house we saw Domingo sitting up in his wheelchair with his uncle by his side. It was so amazing to see him outside because the last two visits he was lying in his bed, facing the wall, and you couldn’t really see him face to face. We gave his family some fruit and milk and handed him some presents. He was so shy when we first got there, but he was still really happy when we gave him some presents that would keep him entertained. Also, Jean got to show him how to use the stretch band Ariel brought to strengthen his arms and it was so cool to see his uncle help out.

After a while of visiting we asked the neighbor girl, Lucia, if she still had the children’s Bible we had given her on our last visit and she ran to go get it. Katherine asked her to pick her favorite story and read it aloud to us. The story she picked was about Adam and Eve and their fall from the Garden of Eden, and it ended up being perfect for what we had planned next.

First, we brought out some bubbles to help the kids get over their shyness. All of their faces lit up as we blew bubbles and played with them.

The second thing we had planned was to share with them the story of the Wordless Book Bracelets. Rachelle felt led to share the salvation story of the bracelets. She used her own bracelet to share the story as Katherine translated, and at the end we gave each of the children their own bracelet. Even the adults wanted one! When Katherine and Rachelle reviewed with the kids about what each bead stands for, we were able to use Lucia’s story about Adam and Eve to explain how sin came into the world.

We ended with some Spanish children’s songs and gave each of the kids a little bottle of bubbles. Pastor Antonio also asked us to pray blessings for each of the kids, and we also prayed specifically for Domingo and his family as well. Pastor Antonio also used the opportunity to preach to the adults that had gathered there.

Being there yesterday was an amazing experience. It allowed us to share the love of Jesus Christ with a bunch of young kids and their parents.


caljoy said...

Ah bubbles the universal toy!!
God keeps opening up opportunities and you all just keep stepping right into them.
Way to go!!
Can't wait to hear all of your stories
Miss Joy

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to hear that Domingo was up and out of the house! I have been praying for him. I can't wait to hear about Bryan's sermon and am so proud of Molly for her willingness to step in when Gary's needed her to speak. Yay for all of you!
Blessings, Gloria and the Shaffer gang.

P.S. We had our third college & career barbecue over here and the numbers keep multiplying. It was such a blessing to see the kids interacting, laughing and connecting. Check out the pics on Fair Oaks College and Career facebook page if your time and Internet will allow...

God Bless you all!

Barbara R. said...

I loved reading this entry. God is sooooo evident in this!

I love how bold and faithful you all are.