Thursday, July 3, 2008

Our New Home

On the way to the house from the airport, our driver suddenly pulled off the road and asked us if we´d like to see a view of the lake. "Of course!" We walked up to the overlook, and as each person caught a view of the lake, framed by volcanoes, you could hear them gasp one after another. We couldn´t believe this amazing locale would be home for the next two weeks! (We´re actually staying in the little village you see at the foot of the volcano in this picture)

We´re now settled in and looking forward to our first day of ministry. This afternoon, we´ll be visiting with new families in the church to greet and pray with them. Later in the evening, we´ll be leading a good portion of the worship service.

I am happy to report that the entire team is in good health and good spirits. Even 25 hours of travel didn´t wipe the smiles off our faces. Thank you for your support and prayers.

Keep checking back to get team updates and pictures!

ps - God has even been answering our prayers for the weather - we didn´t get a drop the whole four hours we drove with our luggage strapped to the roof, but as soon as we got settled in to take naps, the skies opened up and poured! Today is beautiful as well! (Thanks, Joy!)


mommaroth said...

How exciting! I just read your past 2 days. Wow! Don't you love how God, time after time, shows how he's in control and not us? The airport stories were great and ones I could totally relate to. (Remember on the way to New Orleans Gary?) I know God has a sense of humor. Katherine I actually recognized the picture of the lake from one you showed me before with the town down below. I'm wishing now I could have gone too. It looks beautiful there. Hugs and kisses to all of you! We're praying! Vangy

Anonymous said...

Yay! You made it to your beautiful destination! The volcano is amazing and I can't believe your are located right at its base. How cool. We have been praying for you!
Love, The Shaffer Family

caljoy said...

WOW that picture looks better than on Molly's hospital wall!!!
So glad to hear of the good attitudes and "I'm trustin' in God" spirits. He is glorified by that.
I am still praying for no rain and am so excited to read your blogs. Say Hi to your Mom and give all the teens a hug from us. HPPY FOURTH OF JULY