Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My New Friend

by Rachelle

Friday morning, our group headed out for more prayer ministry in San Pablo. As we prayed for and encouraged Domingo, the paralyzed boy Molly has written about in an earlier post, I looked outside to see Gary talking with a group of neighborhood children.

I walked out to join him and found myself making fast friends with a little girl named Lucia. She lived just down the way from Domingo and his family.

I learned she is ten years old and attends the Catholic church in town. She speaks Tsutujil, the native language, but also can read and speak Spanish. She became my Spanish teacher and I was able to translate a few words into English for her. She is a sweet little girl with a big heart for her sister and family.

We had promised to come back to visit Domingo’s family with some necessary supplies, so I told Lucia I would be back tomorrow.

Because she is able to read Spanish, Gary had the idea to bring her one of the Spanish children’s Bibles we had brought along with us, so she could read Bible stories to her family. So, I wrote her name in the Bible and a little note, “Jesucristo te ama,” which means “Jesus loves you.”

When we went to visit Domingo on Saturday, I had the joy of presenting her the children’s Bible. I will never forget the smile on Lucia’s sweet face. She lit up as soon as she saw her name written in the front of the Bible and thanked Gary and I again and again.

Lucia’s smile gave me joy through and through, and I will always remember hearing her read the beginning to the story of Jesus´ birth in Bethlehem. I look forward to visting Lucia again this week and am excited to hear her read us more stories from her children’s Bible.

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Vangy said...

Rachelle, I am so glad you have the Spanish story Bibles with you. How awesome to hear Lucia read them to you! Keep serving! We're praying!