Thursday, July 3, 2008

Airport Worship?

by Molly, Ariel, and Rachelle

What do you do when your flight doesn’t leave for ten hours, the check in desks for the airline won’t open for another three hours, and everyone is tired and anxious? Why, you grab Bryan Vale and his guitar, some sheet music, and burst out into praise music, of course!

So, for the next two hours, that is exactly what we did. All throughout the airport terminal, echoes of “Mighty to Save”, “How Great is Our God”, and all other possible worship songs could be heard.

People, occasionally, would stop to listen, even sitting near our group to watch us praise the Lord. Though they may not have understood completely what we were doing, or even knew what the words to the song meant, they could see from our smiles and our closed eyes that there was something different about our group and the songs we sang. Not for show, but for adoration, to praise the One who created us to be unique.

This experience was not only amazing, but uplifting. It isn’t everyday that one gets to sit in an airport terminal and praise God through song. He gave us these gifts of music, and we ended up using them, by singing with a lone guitar in the middle of Los Angeles Airport.

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