Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dancing Through Life

Last Thursday, Gary and I celebrated our nine-year wedding anniversary! It's just mind boggling to me that the time has flown by this fast.

We met one another thirteen years ago at the very start of our freshmen year at USC; we were both in the marching band and had a couple of classes together. We were just seventeen years old!

After realizing we both had a passion for dance, we joined the USC Ballroom & Latin Dance Team, and competed as dance partners in numerous collegiate ballroom competitions throughout California. The first dances we learned were rumba and east coast swing, but we soon found that our talent was for waltz and west coast swing, our favorite dances to this day.

After a year and a half as best friends and dance partners, it was time to take our relationship to that next level. We dated for a year, got engaged, then married right after graduation. (Guys... take note - there might be something to this! I can think of at least four other couples that were dance partners first, and eventually got married!)

The rest, shall I say, is history. We haven't competed much lately, but still take the opportunity to dance at weddings, and have been known to waltz around our living room should a good song come on the radio. I consider myself blessed to have such a great partner for the dance floor, and for life.

I love you, Gary!

Gary & Katherine: the early years

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caljoy said...

What a great picture, I can't wait to see more!!
So you think you can dance is back on, and even though I said I wasn't going to watch the auditions, I have!!!
I love reading love stories. Happy 9th anniversary you two love birds.