Friday, June 6, 2008

The Pilgrimage

Several of the South Africans I traveled with on the World Race in 2006 are now working with a South African organization called Global Challenge Expeditions. This group puts on several different world-race-like mission trips of various sorts.

They have put together a fascinating new program called The Pilgrimage, which is basically a study tour of biblical and church history, followed by opportunities to serve in places facing poverty and persecution.

Though most people probably don't have $10,000 and 6 months free time at their disposal, this trip looks like it would make a fascinating sabbatical for a pastor or professor.

Starting point: South Africa

Countries to be visited: Zambia, Ethiopia, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, England, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Thailand, India, Dubai and Oman

Curriculum content:


In Ethiopia, the birthplace of the early church, you will:
-Walk along the ancient church
-Read early church history
-Visit a traditional church

In Egypt, land of the ancient pyramids, you will:
-Study the leadership of Moses
-Travel the Exodus route of the Israelites
-Read through the Pentateuch
-Understand the origin and beliefs of the Muslim faith
-Prescribed reading: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, In the Name of Jesus by Henri Nouwen and Veritas module 1

The Middle East

While travelling through Israel you will:
-Be fascinated by the Scriptures in its historical context
-Start to understand the complexities of the Middle East
-Read and study the life of Jesus

In Oman you will :
-Study more Old Testament History.
-Prescribed reading: Job, 1 and 2 Kings, the Prophets, One of the gospels, Actsand Veritas module 2


You will visit the ancient ruins of Turkey and Greece and:
-Follow in the footsteps of the first apostles
-Develop a desire to have a deeper understanding of Scripture

Through, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and England, you will:
-See how God has been faithful to his church through the previous centuries
-Understand the suffering many of the early believers faced
-Commit to search and carry the truth in your own generation
-Marvel at the beautiful art, buildings and history there is to discover
-Prescribed reading: Paul, Peter, John’s letters and Veritas module 3

The Far East

Be amazed by the ancient history and culture of China and:
-Be challenged by the price fellow believers pay in their desire to follow Christ
-Be inspired by the lives of fellow Christians

In Thailand you will have the opportunity to rest.

In India, among the contrasting aromas and bright colours, you will:
-Study the main religions of the world
-Face the devastating effects of poverty
-Come to a deeper understanding of God’s heart for the poor
-Partake in a local church being planted
-Serve at an orphanage
-Prescribed reading: Revelation, Ester, Hudson Taylor, The Heavenly Man and Veritas module 4

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