Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Trade as One

Worth checking out:

There are two worlds.

One where people are poor. The other where people have money to buy things.

Color us innocent, but we think there should be one world.

So we set up Trade as One so people in America can buy things from people in the developing world.

We get beautiful and useful things. They earn a living.

That sounds like a fair trade to us.

Trade as One (TaO) is committed to selling only fair trade products, giving others in developing countries a chance at earning a stable income, and deterring women and children away from sex trafficking as a way of life. Fair Trade means TaO allows artisans from around the world to freely express themselves through their products, and use their talents to make beautiful things for us. Visit TaO, buy something for yourself or a gift for someone special, and support an economically just global trading system.

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Katherine's team said...

Oh my goodness! This site is soo cool! I was looking at all the different things they have for sale, everytime I saw something made in Guatemala I got excited!! I can't wait to go shopping there! (when we get the free time ofcourse!) Lol one thing I know for sure that I want is a Kufi! It's a hat and it looks awesome!