Monday, June 2, 2008

Family Ties

Today marks the end of a fun and busy couple of weeks, and the beginning of the 'calm before the storm' - a few days of relative quiet before summer activities begin with a bang.

We've been blessed to spend a lot of good time with family this month - first was camping with the Bonus (G-dub's brother), followed by Gary's trip down to attend his baptism and visit with their parents, then this past weekend we enjoyed a visit by my mom. She'll actually be joining us on our Guatemala trip next month, and this was her first opportunity to attend a training meeting and meet the rest of the team.

Actually, it was the first time she's been able to come up and visit since we moved here last year, so it was fun to show her around our place and introduce her to all our peeps at church. Turns out, my parents lived in Concord for a brief stint early on in their marriage, and my mom was able to point out the neigborhood and house that was theirs!

(How random that though Gary and I both grew up in Southern California, our married life has brought us first to Sacramento, where I worked in the same neighborhood his mom lived in when she was in high school, and now to Concord where my parents spent a couple of years)

Anyways, thanks to everyone at Fair Oaks who welcomed my mom so warmly - it was a special weekend all around.

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