Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Update

As of yesterday afternoon, no major improvements to report for our girl. She had an MRI scan, but hadn't gotten the results at the time we were there. Hopefully that will reveal something that the doctors can treat. The hardest thing right now seems to be the not knowing.

The good news is, now that she's out of ICU she can receive visitors in addition to family. It's been cool to see her room filling up with posters and flowers and stuffed animals. I hope all the love and prayers coming her way are an encouragement.

Meanwhile, life continues to fly along at the speed of light. Tonight kicks off our summer JH program, this Friday, Saturday and Sunday we'll be helping with our church's soccer outreach, and two weeks from today we'll be getting on a plane.

In the midst of the craziness, I was super blessed last night by a great time with our Guatemala team. Our students met with the Global Outreach Team at our church, for a time of sharing and prayer in anticipation of the trip. The church members are so supportive of missions and youth, and it's exciting to see them connect this way.

After the meeting, we headed up to the youth room to prepare one of the dramas we'll be using on our trip, "Thief". The team learned amazingly fast and we had so much fun working on it together. I love to see them growing together as a team, and adding to their repertoire of ministry tools we can use for outreach. Hopefully God will use their talents to bless many.

So for now, we'll keep taking it one day at a time. Thanks for your prayers.

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